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Decimus Financial Limited is the leading E-vehicle financier in India. We continue to be known by our customers as a dedicated provider of professional, superior service; by our partners as a premier source of competitive, high-quality products and services and by our employees as an exceptional place to work.

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Be it an individual, an existing auto-driver, or an entrepreneur, we have made sure to take care all of your needs. We have financing and leasing options for you and we also take care of the maintenance of the vehicle. We also call out to various dealers, OEMs, business operators to contact us to make this venture even more successful.

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Financing has never been easier. You just have to fill the form here. We take care of the rest.

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We assist customers with comprehensive lending services. Our relationship begins with a philosophy of trust and fairness with our customers.

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At Decimus Financial every applicant receives fair and equal treatment throughout the application and approval process.

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